Cabaret (Haiti) after Hurricane IkeCabaret (Haiti) after Hurricane Ike
Haitian Red Cross volunteers prepare food packages, drinking water and kitchen utensils for distribution in Cabaret. In this town torrential rains have unleashed floods and mudslides, collapsing houses and killing dozens of people. Photo: Victor Lacken/IFRC (p18271).

Now that Hurricane Ike has blown through the Carribiean, Gulf of Mexico, and Texas, the cleanup and rescue efforts have begun in full force. The above photo from IFRC (on Flickr) is one of several depicting the beginnings of rebuilding from Ike and other storms in Haiti.'s The Big Picture also has some amazing photos of the aftermath of Ike in Texas.

If you've found other photos of the storm, it's aftermath, or cleanup efforts, let us know in the comments below.